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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wii U3 Update: The Best of Ambitions at the Worst of Scales

Let's be quick and frank on this Wii U3 website update: There is no new songs revealed this time, and the side modes (Baton Pass/Intro-don/Mekadon Gasha) are just completely inherited from Wii U2. Instead we are left with one new thing to actually talk about: the titular Buddy Attack Mode (ともだち大作戦)

At least we will get to see way more of the eternal second fiddle (or rather, Taiko) that is Kat-chan, who will finally be the main brother to star a mode. Wait til you see the driving motive though: To become the top popularity star of the (singular) street.

"That's the best we're gonna get, when we failed the Tanabata DonChare Group Challenge da-don..."

Then again, regardless of scale, how do you actually become the top popularity star? Go hang out at the street, make all the friends, ??? and profit. In terms of Taiko no Tatsujin, that means choosing the Outing (おでかけ) option in the sub-menu, and befriend wandering animals with the power of playing Taiko.

I am starting to worry what kind of streets have lions and wolves in them.

As you stroll along the street, you will be given the choice of multiple animals for you to work on befriending. Clear the challenge missions to add to the animal's Friendliness Gauge (なかよしゲージ), and when the gauge is filled you get yourself a buddy!

Rissu the squirrel is impressed by your 90 hits on Muteki no Girlfriend Kantan!
Man, if only making friends is that simple in real life.

Back at the Wada family household, your little buddies might drop by to play! For the hungry ones, Kat-chan have plenty of snacks to share too!

Disclaimer: Kat-chan's snacks are veterinarian-approved to be safe for all animal friends.
Make sure you don't feed the wrong foods to your animal friends.

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