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Thursday, August 27, 2015

V Version Update: Popular Song Pack 5 and Boss Fights Ahoy!

The promised V Version website update is now live! See what's new this time around after the skip.

Unfortunately, V Version's DLC content for its third month consist of only one song pack, which still manages to barge in quite the pack of new songs and console firsts for everyone! The song pack below will be released on September 3rd.

Popular Song Pack 5

  •  Kimi ni Sakura-hirari To Mau (君に桜ヒラリと舞う) New!
  •  Feed A New!
  •  Senko no Yukue (閃光の行方) New!
  •  Break Line (ブレイクライン) New!
  •  Yuugen no Ran (幽玄ノ乱) New!
Joining the previously-announced poll winner Yuugen no Ran and the second Legend of Heroes track are three very fresh songs from Murasaki Version, one of which being September's brand new Don Challenge song! The extremespeed porting is strong in Break Line, indeed.

Another aspect being updated in V Version's website is the Donder Quest sub-menu, featuring a new section about the Story Mode's first boss encounters and the Sachiko Kobayashi fights. If you want to know in advance the visual distractions employed by the Last Boss, Vigeur and Love Breaker, now you know where to go!

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