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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Site Announcement: Taiko Time 5th Anniversary - Song Series and Other Updates

(The same) quick celebratory drawing picture thingy slapped together by nigelliusnitrox

Hi there, people! As August winds up, it's time to wrap up what sorts of updates we have in mind for our 5th Year milestone, both subtly applied to the blog and/or incoming tweaks currently planned for the next few months.

As you may have noticed, we started the Sympho-Neighbours feature at a non-weekly basis; the Taiko no Tatsujin franchise is just beginning to reach out multiple rhythm game franchises, so we found this addition to be a valuable corner for our readers to the surrounding rhythm game series which are still active and strong in Japan. Our next one should come the next Sunday!

Today we also had a small update about our Song Series, involving us finally putting in the Murasaki/V Version tracks that can be grouped under certain series. The song additions and minor updates have occurred in the following song series:
Finally, we have also disbanded the hiyama song series, with an updated Tsukikage SASURAI feature now included in the Song of the Week blog post which originally included Uchuu SAMURAI. We'll bring back the song series if a third track by hiyama gets released on Taiko games in the future.

In our next blog housekeeping month (which is the next December, as previously announced), we'll be putting the last touches by updating the Taiko Guinness Hall and Vocaloid corners; if major updates of any other nature will occur before December, you'll be quickly warned by us with another site-related blog entry.

Unfortunately, we didn't manage to add in time the small quirks we had planned for August, but rest assured we're geared towards implementing the following additions in the next few months:
  • A special icon for Kantan modes on arcade games which are compatible with Papa Mama Support, the kid-friendly, 2-drum feature active from Taiko 10 onward;
  • A new page for our Console section about the console Taiko games' Demo Versions, often available as either stand-alone discs or downloadable trials for selected Playstation 2, Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita titles.
Last but not least, there's still one day left for your anniversary questions! We'll be publishing our answers next Sunday, a few hours after the currently-scheduled Sympho-Neighbours.

Once again, thank you for sticking with us and bearing with our slow summer website update workload- the month of August has always been a source of work for us, between real life and blog editing action...

See you soon, folks. Keep on drummin'!


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