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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

First Video: Feed A, and the Ura we did not tell you (but Etou has)

First, an erratum: In our Namco Taiko Blog report about today's Murasaki ver. update, we have failed to tell you that the update will also add one (not-specified) Ura notechart to the firmware. Instead of defending with excuses and whatnot, we will just go and show it to you after the jump. But first, the addition that we did tell you:

 Feed A (4/6/7/9; 613 notes on Oni)
If you hadn't noticed, God Eater-related songs tends to debut at either 7★ or 9★. This one is the latter, standing at the higher end with Punishment-like density. At 262 BPM, this also renews the record as the fastest Anime song, once again dethroning Kaisei Joshou Hallelujah (230) even if you discount Diamond Happy (233) and Oshiri Yama wa Everest (peak 234) for being artificially doubled.

Now for the secret addition:
 夏竜~Karyu~ Summer Dragon ~Karyu~ (800 notes on 9★ Ura Oni)
So many tropes of the Season Dragon series is here: Ura Oni rated 9★? Check. Claustrophobic half-speed section? Check. Ends with speedy section? Check.

Onto the notechart itself: For one thing, the whole length has way more large notes than most anything, and slightly resembling Kayou ~Flourishing Blossoms~ in large-note/cluster mixture at the first Go-go Time. There are also generously added 24ths all around, some even buried within 16th separation. The slowed section is crunched like DEBSTEP! material, but the final speed boost remains relatively simple with only longer 16th streams.

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