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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Across Japan: A Very V Version August

Starting with the tournament, where Oni Hana Furumai (9★) and Muzukashii Kibou e no Melody (6★) are on the table for Asian Donders to challenge. Both are on V Version, so you can familiarize yourself with the charts on there first. Tournament runs August 8~16 and the results will be available on August 19.

In Asia keeping up with Japan news, although the Donder Hiroba-fueled title parts and outfits of the V Version Release Campaignare regrettably missed, we will be getting the weekly additions of V Version debuts on point, for 4 consecutive Mondays:

クロス・ブルー Cross Blue - adds August 10
女帝 ~インバラトゥーラ~ Jotei ~Imbiratuula~ - adds August 17
チャーリー ダッシュ! Charlie Dash! - adds August 24
Abyss of hell 「鉄拳 レボリューション」より from Tekken Revolution - adds August 31

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