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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (June 25 2015): Guess Who's Back! Wii U2 June DLC and Murasaki ver. July News


Oh, the title? Because every song to be mentioned today is a returning song. Here is the double Namco Taiko Blog posts for today!

Wii U2 June DLC (released: June 25)
 LET'S GO OUT 「銀魂」より from Gintama
 バンビーニ 「もじぴったん大辞典」より
Bambini from Mojipittan Daijiten

Hey, they may be old, but at least they are all free. Expect the next batch in July!

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★   ★   ★

Murasaki ver. July News
And July's DonChare early unlock song is  ねがいごと☆ぱずる Negaigoto☆Puzzle from AC12.5 and cut just after AC13. As of this writing we don't have a SotW to which to link you, but if you forgot what the breezy vocal song sounded like, check out this video.

What says about this monthly news burst when the outfit is the most innovative thing? A lot more than you think: The monthly free gift Concert Light (コンサートライト) hides a special characteristic: The light sticks changes color with Don-chan's body! (blue in this picture, but rest assured it can show other colors)
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