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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (11 June 2015) - Murasaki Version's First Goodbye Songs

The pre-livestream news silence mold is being interrupted by some sad removals from Murasaki Version arcades' songlist, which are scheduled to kick-in next month.

On July 1st, 3 tracks from the J-Pop (Misenai Namida wa, Kitto Itsu Ka/Yes/Shine) and Anime genres (Life is SHOW TIME/Pegasus Fantasy/Kill Me no Baby!) will be removed, together with the two Puzzle & Dragons songs Walking Through The Towers and Kessen!!.

As usual, the song removal won't affect the global high scores and total of crowns in the Donder Hiroba profile for now, but the songs can't be used for online challenges from June 13th onward in preparation of their removal. However, the deletion of the two Puzzle & Dragons songs won't delete the two title-related unlockable outfits as well (PazuDora Tyrra and PazuDora Tamadra), so this is the final month to get them before they're gone for good!

In quite a tone-death mood, today's blog entry is ended with a reminder to tomorrow's Taiko/Synchronica livestream event, now revealing that a portion of its run will be about Taiko V Version, the latest of the future console titles planned for Playstation Vita. Does that mean no website updates of sorts this Thursday?

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  1. wait WHAT
    We barely had Kill Me no Baby for like two months ;w;