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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (28 May 2015) - June's Donchare and Online Tournament Antics

Today's new small song batch for Murasaki Version was so galvanizing to let us forget about both the very first Ura Variety song (whoops) and today's anticipated blog entry. Put your worries to rest- here's a meaty compensation for the latter!

Etou is back from his brief vacation, and so is the usual blog schedule, starting with the new monthly activities for Banapassport Taiko players. But first, a little question.

Say, do you remember about Kawagen announcing the creation of a new school-related song in one of the past livestreams, together with the singer duo Danchinomiya once again? Well, next month's Don Challenge unlock song is their brand-new tune for the newborne "School Matters" series!

The new Namco Original tune is titled Shugaku Travelers (シューガク トラベラーズ), and -as anticipated- it's themed around the graduation trip theme. It's the third Namco Original track about school matters, after Sotsu Omeshiki (=graduation ceremony) and Yureru Pleats Jikkouin (=cultural festival). By this point, you know what this means for our blog...As usual, the song is unlocked by clearing 8 Don Challenge feats out of 10, and a small clip of the new song can be heard on the original blog entry's page.

Together with Shugaku Travelers, there's a new 2-part outfit that Banapassport players can unlock next month! The body/hat combo Ice (アイス) outfit is a June 2015 exclusive, with the body awarded after a single play on Murasaki arcades and the hat (=the rightmost ice cream ball) being a month-limited Rewards Shop item.

Together with the expected Don Challenge-related threats, this June will bring a new online tournament open to everyone, which also was already discussed in one of the past livestreams! Indeed, the so-called Battle of Purple Flames (紫煌の陣) is set to begin this Saturday (May 30th) and to end on June 7th, featuring the user-voted Oni trio of songs and a Futsuu division featuring both new and recently-revamped Idolm@ster songs (the Game Music genre is purple-colored, so it counts...?).

More specifically, the Oni division will feature Shikou no Ran, Purple Rose Fusion and Necrofantasia ~ Arr. Demetori, while the Im@s-focused Futsuu division has THE IDOLM@STER, GOIN'!!! and Thank You! as tourney tracks. If you're attending to both divisions, please be aware that only the Oni division will net new titles to both participants and winners -Hiko (火皇) and Shiko (紫煌)-; participation/top scores in the Futsuu division is good just for bragging rights.

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