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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

First Video: GO MY WAY!! Going A Different Way, and shiny smile

Along with Honey Heartbeat ~10 Stars Mix~ (and its sadistic Ura Oni), GO MY WAY!! joins the songlist in Taiko 3DS2. I bet many of us were expecting something really familiar, right? I downloaded it 15 minutes ago and had one go at it expecting to blur through with my eyes half-closed, seeing as I had already memorized the ch-...hey...this isn't...WHAT.

Yes, the nostalgic IM@S song, much like its counterparts THE IDOLM@STER and Mahou o Kakete! on the Taiko Murasaki arcade, has received a full revamp in its charts, from Kantan to Oni, everything is different.

You'll spot bits of the old GO MY WAY!! Oni chart in the above video, but the patterns in this modern 8* (one star up from the old chart's 7*) are more varied and slightly tougher. Add in troll notes scrolling at x3 speed and you have something the Taiko Team would definitely do in recent times!

It has 555 notes, slightly less than the old chart's 569 on Master route.

 Onto the arcade, where shiny smile also gets the im@s notechart revamp treatment, and even more peculiarly it is also a 8* Oni with 555 notes! Last seen around DS2 and AC11, the new shiny smile adds the fewest gimmicky Call Notechart elements, and feels more like a "normal" update for an old 8* (475 notes) to more modern 8* standards.

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