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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Twitter Snippets (March 5 2015) - Song Requests for Supper

It's late but this is good and I don't have much other things to say but to translate them. Enjoy.
Commenter: I would like to request IOSYS Aki no Nikushokusai, the 2015 version
Etou: Okay, okay... Mr. IOSYS, you hear me...!?
D.Watt: I haven't not even started up!
Etou: We will start with the crafter starting up.
(non-RT redacted)

Commenter: Mr. t+pazolite is not coming eh...... ( ゚д゚ )彡 Haiyaa!!
Etou: Hello, hello, this is Etou, is Mr. t+paz here?
t+pazolite: You call?
Etou: I would like to order ramen and gyoza and, uh, ah yes, new songs too please?
t+pazolite: Is the 10th okay for the delivery of the ramen and gyoza!?
Etou: Please, thank you. And please make the noodles more chewy.
(non-RT redacted) that's how you guilt-trip composer for new songs. Mkay.

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