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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

First videos of Taiko Tokumori's March DLC songs

It's already past midnight in Japan, which means that both the weekly DLC for the latest 3DS game and the third lot of songs for the latest Wii U Taiko game are both live! Of course, Tokumori is the top performer of the month, as we get not only two recent arcade tracks, but three new songs as well!

Let's have a look of those, shall we?

For the J-pop genre we have Himawari no Yakusoku (3/4/5/7), a song by Motohiro Hata which can be heard in one of the latest Doraemon movies, Stand By Me. Stingy in the number-of-notes department, this slow-paced tune fares with slow patterns and rising scrolling changes towards the end.

From the Gundam Build Fighters Try anime, Cerulean (4/5/5/7) offers a different 7* Oni recipe, not that much different from similarly-upbeat songs for the genre.

The last new track is the Theme of Doctor X (3/5/6/8), the namesake show's opening theme for the Variety genre. In difficulty terms, this Oni mode goes one step beyond the other two songs thanks to its length and general pattern schemes along the way, topped with some faster scrolling towards the end.

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