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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Across Japan: AOU Phase 1


Well, the Taiko Team weren't kidding when they said this month's tournament would be the "real deal"; it involves the four songs of the first phase of the AOU collab! After weeks of agony waiting, when the rest of the games involved in the collab have gotten all seven songs (Jubeat and JPN Taiko on the 25th, Maimai and Groove Coaster on the 26th), Asian Taiko is getting a slow release of the set, with Garakuta Doll Play, Got more raves? and FLOWER being unlocked to play this March 7th!

And immediately, they will be the songs used for this monthly tournament!

The Oni tier uses the aforementioned three songs (score total), and Kita Saitama 2000 is the sole representative for the Muzukashii tier. Remember, to be eligible for score submission, you need to turn Shin-uchi mode on and nothing else!

Have fun, and wait a bit more for the second phase of AOU songs!

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