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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Twitter Snippets (Feb 10 2015) - Tenkaichi Otogesai and JAEPO Pick-ups

Have you been waiting for the AOU Tenkaichi Otogesai limited songs to go out to the rest of Japan (fingers crossed for overseas too)? From the union's special Twitter feed we now know they intended that the big date to be February 15, 2015, and each maker releasing their own announcements on February 12. With also Murasaki ver.'s partial initial song list we are bound for a decently scope-filled Thursday!

And foreseeing as they are, we are already talking about a second Tenkaichi Otogesai. Do you want it to happen? When, where and how do you want it? What games and songs do you want to see? AOU will commence collecting mass opinions for this after the end of JAEPO 2015. Feel free to provide constructive suggestions to push this forward!

As for why the date is to be February 15, we think there is a decent answer for that too. Remember when a past AOU newsletter hinted of a future tournament for JAEPO 2015? The All Japan Otoge Top Battle!! (全日本音ゲー頂上決戦) tournament, hosted by Bright, will take place on JAEPO stage from February 14 13:00~16:00, using again the same four games and eight Tenkaichi Otogesai songs at a final bit of exclusivity. The event appears to be mostly a talent search stunt from Bright, as the emerging victors are to be invited to register as "pro gamers", appearing in future publicity and events.

Check out the detailed rule set, the list of registered competitors and other details at http://www.chojokessen.com/, the event's dedicated site. The tourney is also planned to be streamed at UStream.

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