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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Twitter Snippets (24 February 2015) - NAMCO SOUNDS's Latest Stream

As you may probably know at this point, all the in-house music composers and arrangers from Bandai Namco are part of the company's very own music label, NAMCO SOUNDS, which is mainly used for the soundtracks of many past Namco/Bandai titles. In recent years, the NAMCO SOUNDS composers/arrangers are having periodical livestream sessions on UStream, featuring their works and many trivia facts about their creation.

For this livestream series, Season 3 is about to begin with some Taiko no Tatsujin magic!

A few hours ago, the Taiko Team's Twitter page began advertising the latest NAMCO SOUNDS ONLINE broadcast with some of the Taiko-related content that is going to be there. Two are the major highlights: Shinji "Sampling Masters Mega" Hosoe talking about the creation of Namco Original classic Rotter Tarmination and the return of the infamous 'Audio Deka' mini-series, starring Taiko Team member Masubutchi Yuuji itself on the stream

This livestream session will kick off in 2 days, on February 27th, at 21:30 (Japan Time). If something juicy is being revealed in there, expect from us a small recap post!

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