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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (19 February 2015) - The Transition: What Gets Carried Over To Murasaki

It's that time again: prior to the release of a new arcade firmware, one of the Thursday entries from the official Taiko blog is about the Banapassport content that will be carried over to the next version.

Here's s what elements from the Donder Hiroba will be carried over to Murasaki Version:

MyDon Profile
  • YES Name
  • YES Color scheme (Face, rim, body)
  • YES The costume you are wearing (unless it is to be deleted)
  • YES The costume sets you set
  • YES Title/Title part combination
Play Results
  • YES Crowns (unless the song is to be deleted)
  • YES Scores and detailed rundowns
  • YES Number of plays/clears/full combos
  • NO Ranking Dojo clears and result rundowns
Rewards and Unlocks
  • YES Titles
  • YES Title parts
  • YES Costumes
  • YES Taiko sounds
  • YES Unlockable songs
  • YES Shopping Points for Rewards Shop
  • YES Rewards Shop purchases
  • NO DonPoint
  • YES Recently played songs
  • YES Challenge and tournament history
  • YES Liked and Favorite Songs (unless it is to be deleted)
  • YES Other settings
  • NO MyNews notifications
  • NO Rankings
  • NO Detailed history of individual challenge/tournament
As some of you may remember, this is almost the very same list of features from the last firmware transition! This time around, a overview of the history of all the challenges and tournaments you played will finally be in the keeps section! While not down to every one last detail, it would be nice to look back on how many rivals you have crushed in your hands (from Kimidori, that is).

Unlike the previous "from Momoiro to Kimidori" blog entry though, today's "Kimidori to Murasaki" blog entry doesn't come with dates for both this data transition's application and the next firmware's release date. Better luck next time, I guess... What is certain is that data down to the very last day before Murasaki release will be kept, giving you the seamless transition as always.

One last thing worth mentioning for this week's blog entry is the Liked Song Folder feature, which will be able to store up to 10 songs per player with Murasaki, five more from Kimidori Version.

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