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Sunday, January 25, 2015

[RUMOR] - Taiko 3DS 2's next DLC song pack

As we have reported in the previous days, we had in this week our last DLC pack for the latest portable Taiko video-game with an additional Story mode chapter, which ultimately brought us 8 new songs (one of which is Story mode-exclusive), 2 Ura modes, a brand new boss-exclusive song mashup and an aftermath Boss Rush mode, supplied by the in-game avatar of Taiko Team member Sasaoka.

With all this stuff in one pack, you might think DLCs are no more, after so much content...

...truth is, the downloadable song list might grow even bigger in the next months! By unscrambling decrypted some data from the download servers, some crafty users from Japanese Taiko wiki site wikihouse have found the names of a potentially future pack for the game. As always, take these with a pinch of salt until confirmation arises.

The songs for the suppositely-next songpack are:

  • Switch On! (+ Ura)
  • Tank! (+ Ura)
  • Hare Hare Yukai
  • Chocolate Disco
  • Highschool♡love
  • Bakuchi Dancer
  • Takkyu de Dakkyu
With an heavier focus on licenses, the next DLC pack will have 8 more songs, also featuring tunes which are either exclusive to the arcade scene, or even have to be officially released yet! Taiko 3DS 1 users can rejoice as well, for the first not-iOs release of Switch On's Ura mode in a console game.

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