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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (January 15 2015) - Battle Conference! First Taiko Team Live of the Year

Now that we are farther from the year-end, let's get monthly things back in schedule! Specifically, livestreams! Although things are a bit different for once.

In addition to the incoming World Hobby Fair appearances, Taiko no Tatsujin has one more event to appear at for this January: The Game Party Japan 2015(闘会議2015; Tokaigi 2015). And since there is no reason not to take the livestream out of the usual studio and star at the Namco Bandai booth then, so they will. Tune in January 31 (Sat) at 11:00~12:00 (am).

Let's take things literally for a moment: since it is the Battle Conference, the Team is throwing down a few gauntlets for the crowd to contribute:

  • Daifuku's Gauntlet: Help me clear Natsu Matsuri Muzukashii!
    Not the best player in the Team, Daifuku really wants to be better! Give her advice on how to proceed, now that she can manage Natsu Matsuri Futsuu.
  • Masubuchi's Gauntlet: Tell me your instant Intro-dons!
    What song(s) would you instantly recognize just by listening a bit of the intro? Do tell!
  • Takemoto's Gauntlet: Surprise me with Taiko pics!
    Send via Twitter your photos with a Taiko no Tatsujin twist! Include the hashtag #タケモトからの挑戦状, your name and the title and description of the photo.
Well what about Etou? Does he have a gauntlet too? He takes the emcee this time, but maybe he has something exclusive to say...?

Again stay tuned to all the events!

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