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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Namco Taiko Blog (15 January 2015): Huis Ten Bosch Cup photo album

The Taiko Team was kept busy last week with the 3D Projection Mapping Taiko no Tatsujin Huis Ten Bosch Cup (phew!) Taiko competition. Takemoto, Daifuku and Etou were on the scene to supervise the event and take some photos!

For the uninitiated, the Huis Ten Bosch (in English, it means 'House in the Forest') is a theme park in Nagasaki, Japan based on the Netherlands; thus featuring many Dutch buildings and architecture. One of its main attractions is a 3D projection screen where images and shows are displayed on the walls of one of the buildings here. Taiko no Tatsujin took up this spot on the 10th of January!

In the event hall, the staff are hard at work (that's Etou on the left) filling up forms for the participants to enter the Huis Ten Bosch park. Shown below are their 16-hour passes into the venue, autographed by Etou, Takemoto and Daifuku.

Of course, for some participants, the main attraction of the competition was a rare opportunity to obtain Tatsh's (Zeami's) uber difficult Namco Original song, Yuugen no Ran! Even more so for players who flew all the way from Taiwan to Nagasaki just to be able to spread this musical treasure back to their hometowns, and by extension, to the rest of Asia, for the first time ever! There are two scanners shown here, the one on the left for Asian players, and the one on the right for JP players (since data for ASI and JP Taiko are considered separate). Presumably, the speakers are looping Yuugen no Ran.

Not very often you get to see Taiko cabinets laid down by the water, eh? It looks like a display piece now, but...

...it really comes alive at night! Too bad players won't really be able to notice their play being shown on the giant projection at the back. A total of 40-odd players from Japan and Taiwan turned out for the competition.

Players who manage to FC the songs chosen for the qualifying block, are eligible for the grand finals. The song chosen for the finals is none other than....another Tatsh (Zeami) song, Black Rose Apostle.

The crowd was in awe looking at all the expert players showing their stuff!

Oh, and as promised from the Nicovideo livestream comment milestones, Etou was wearing his Tatsudon T-shirt throughout the whole thing.

Look at all the clothes he has on. It's winter in Nagasaki right now. Must be really cold eh?

The team thanks everyone for participating in the event, and announces that Taiko no Tatsujin's presence at the Huis Ten Bosch 3D projection area will be extended to August 31st, 2015! Definitely try it out if you're on a trip to Nagasaki; it's a prime attraction for rhythm game lovers!

Miscellaneous: photo shoot with Tulie-chan, the adorable tulip mascot character of Huis Ten Bosch. Only the blue one though.

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