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Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Videos of Kimidori Game Version 11.xx's New Songs

A little bit later than usual, but here we go again! here's a first look at the Oni charts of the newly-released songs on Japanese Kimidori.

Starting with the Anime genre, we find SURPRISE-DRIVE (3/4/6/7; Papa Mama support on Kantan), the latest opening theme from the always-popular Kamen Rider series. The 7* Oni mode features many staples of 7-star charting, such as an upbeat BPM and small clusters along the way. Remember that this is one of the rumored songs for the next Taiko 3DS 2 DLC pack!

The next in line is Star!! (3/4/5/6/9), one of the songs involved in the recent, so-much-quoted Taiko x Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls collaboration, complete with an Ura Oni at launch! While the Oni is standard 6* fare, its Ura is very stamina-based with loads of clusters everywhere.

Coming up next are two popular Touhou arrange songs: the annoyingly-titled Help me, ERINNNNNN!! (3/4/7/8) and Endless Seeker (3/5/6/8). Interestingly enough, the two songs' Oni charts share the same difficulty by using different gimmicks, with the former's high speed topped with many giant notes and the latter's continuous small clusters sections of every kind and shape, not dissimilar of other "Technorave-inducing" tunes like NIGHT OF FIRE.

The last genre to visit this time around is the Game Music one, starting with a medley from the many Yokai Watch 2 game versions (2/3/6/9; Papa Mama support on Kantan). Being the only Game Music track with both custom dancers and Papa Mama Kantan support, its Oni chart is very generous in the cluster department, delivering different kinds of treats from beginning to end.

The final song from today is the other Im@s Cinderella Girls tune, titled Onegai! Cinderella (3/4/4/7), also featuring some of the Cinderella Girls idols as custom dancers, with the standard, modern custom background of current Taiko games. Once again, the notechart isn't that much different, in comparison to other Im@s songs of the same star rating.

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