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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Across Japan/Twitter Snippets (Jan 14 2015): New Songs and Tourney Results

New song image from Asian ver. Facebook

And we have two Across Japan posts in one week. Jolly Asian Donder is jolly.

First: new songs! Again later to the party, but Asian Donders will soon be able to play  Du-Du-Wa DO IT!! Hikaru Yami and  Pokemon ORAS Champion Medley on the arcade! In fact it is just tomorrow, January 15!

And then in tournament news: The Asian area and aggregated results for last year-end's Donder Festival tournament are in! Taking first in Asia and 27th overall is Hong Kong's Garnet, who is only a dozen thousand points away from the lead and maxed Yami no Mahou Shoujo. The rest of the Asian results can be seen at the Asian ver. Facebook.

As a close to a series of tweets, Takemoto also hopes to see a time when Japanese and Asian Donders can meet and exchange sticks (Taiko skills) in reality instead of just online. This would be quite a sight to wait for!

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