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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Across Japan/Plurk Snippets: Thus Begin The Journey of The Depth

Sourced from this Plurk

We once again turn to veteran Taiwanese Taiko enthusiast Woolala for today's scope, who has just returned from a trip to Fukuoka, i.e. the same region with Huis Ten Bosch. In fact he also competed in the Huis Ten Bosch Cup, and can be seen in the group photo we mentioned last Sunday.

And surly enough, he of course has done the favor of Donders towards the greater Asia and brought back the seed of Yuugen no Ran. The photo heading this post was a play on the Asian version Kimidori with a friend. (Note the English warning label)

That's all exciting and all, but you might wonder: "What about regions other than Taiwan? Do we have to send a guy to Taiwan to get it?" According to an earlier conversation with him, the further transmission of Yuugen no Ran can actually be done via migrating Banapassport card data, thus eliminating the need of physical travel.

Contact/stay tuned to your local Donder community for when they get a copy!

1 comment:

  1. Managed to contact a TW player with the song. Yuugen will be in Malaysia soon.