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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

3DS is now region-free! (somewhat)

 Since the 3DS was launched way back in 2011, it has gained a notorious reputation for being Nintendo's first fully region-locked handheld (yes I know about the DSi but that was only for a few select games). Many have tried to get rid of the annoying restriction through many means: starting petitions (which Nintendo didn't care about), hacking it (which went nowhere for the first few years, and even after it was hacked, the utility value was very low and not publically usable, see: Cubic Ninja exploit), or creating flashcards (Gateway 3DS, but has low firmware compatibility, is expensive, and also not widely available).

Then, just 2 days ago, Smealum, a top 3DS hacker, created something that embodies all the desirable aspects of a region lock bypass; it works on the latest firmware (currently), it's simple enough to use, doesn't involve installing any dodgy software into your 3DS (thus running the risk of corrupting/bricking the system), and doesn't leave any trace. With this, you can run any game, from any region, on your 3DS! It's almost too good to be true! Most importantly, in our context:

You can now play Taiko 3DS and Taiko 3DS2 on a US or EU 3DS!!!

The hack can be found here.

Obviously, Nintendo is not going to take this lying down and will probably patch it in a future firmware update (it also doesn't work on the New Nintendo 3DS or the New XL). Most likely the hack will be updated together with it, so keep a close eye on the scene if you have any doubts!

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