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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (4 December 2014) - Updates on December 12th's livestream

The schedule for next week's Taiko Team livestream has been updated with some new exciting stuff! After we caught up with the content being revealed last month, let's see what's new.

Taiko no Tatsujin x Meiji collaboration!

We already talked about it some days ago, and now the Taiko Team is going to do the same during the stream! Find out how to get this collaboration's two promotional outfits and how to join the nation-wide Taiko feud between the Chocolate Mushrooms and the Bamboo Shoots.

Even More Special Guests!

As if Tatsuya Shimizu's return to the scene isn't already hype-building enough, there will be another composer that will join the fun with the Taiko Team, and this time it's someone completely new to the Taiko scene! Meet the nick-named t+pazolite.

This mysterious figure is a hardcore/speedcore music producer who has been lying around several rhythm game franchises in recent years. Taiko no Tatsujin will be added to its contribution belt as well, as he will announce a brand new song that will make its debut really soon.

Plus, the livestream will feature video recordings by Tanqun (たんきゅん) and Phenotas (ふぇのたす) , two of the composing units of the songs being featured in the mini-album 'Girls Pop Mania'. The ideas behind their songs will be revealed, as well as some of the unpublished illustrations for the album itself!

Touhou Project x NAMCO SOUNDS collaboration update!

Core Namco composers' first take on arranging popular Touhou songs will have its own space in the stream as well, with new informations about the event. Who knows, maybe we'll be able to hear some early bits of the newborn arranges...?

HORI's Latest Tatacon for Taiko Wii/Wii U Games!

HORI's latest peripheral for Nintendo Taiko players is done, so a small portion of the stream will be dedicated to celebrate its release. That's product placement to you, guys!

Everybody Comments! Livestream Challenge (Year End Grab-bag ver.)

Let's not forget what is going to be the meatiest Comments Challenge yet to come! You may remember that last time we had almost the full list of songs being featured, but now we have a couple of hints about their identity in the form of a single-digit reveal for the last two mysterious tunes! As expected before, each asterisk of these songs' covered titles represent a single letter/number.

For the limited Variety song we have **********番, and the only song to have that last letter for the genre is no other than Jingle Bells No.765, in a quite fitting limited unlock for the Christmas period. The title for the Game Music song is instead ****** ***1, with a single space and the number 1 at the end. The only tune to meet these conditions on Taiko (and not yet in the current arcades) is the infamous Metal Hawk BGM1, making its arcade return after Taiko 14.

December 2014's livestream will have so much content to talk about that the regular 2-or-so hour running time won't be enough! With that said, the stream will last for 4 hours, from 18:30 to about 22:30 (Japan time). For whoever wants to catch it live, here's the link for the stream.

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