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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First videos of Kimidori V7.10 songs!

Loads and loads of songs in this update, it's quite hard to catch em all! So the video list is not complete for now, but we'll show what Japanese players have gathered so far.

Now, for some vids! Placed after the jump, of course.

Highschool♡love, E-girls' 11th single, has a difficulty spread of 3/4/5/6, with 312 notes for its Oni chart.

Dun Dun Doobie Zubah!, used as a theme song for the Youkai Watch anime, is rated 2/4/6/7, with its Oni at 384 notes.

The first of the IM@S songs, M@STERPIECE, is 2/3/4/6, with 390 notes. Watch out for the dense clusters!

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Champion Medley takes bits from the Victory Road theme, one entire loop of the Champion battle music (with Steven) and the little jingle that plays after you beat him. It's set at 7* Oni (3/5/7/7) and is pretty decent to beat. Total notes is 550.

Next is the Vocaloid song Love x Lo- oh wait, there's more?

Yup, this marks the first Pokemon song and the first medley in Taiko to receive a Ura Oni! (you know, if you don't consider KAGEKIYO...) And it's not an easy one. The difficulty is 9*, but it may as well be the most difficult chart in its class ever. Thought XY Trainer Medley was a test of stamina? This chart one-ups it ten times over, with relentless 15-note clusters (at roughly 204 BPM) and no breaks, and even parts with increased scroll speed, this is one hard chart! Total notes is 744.

Okay now we showcase Love x Love Whistle. This Vocaloid song features the Vocaloids Miku and Rin. No high quality of it yet, but a video does exist. A tricky, stream-heavy 9* Oni (4/6/8/9) that has many speed parts which increases its difficulty. Total notes on Oni is 949.

And now, for the IdolM@ster song, Jibun REST@RT!

A pretty average 7* Oni, like many other IM@S songs, and it has 567 notes.

567 may not seem to be worth mentioning in particular (well, it's the reverse nam-combo) but then you realize.....Jibun REST@RT has a Ura Oni with...765 notes, flipping the number of the Oni max combo around!

Lastly we have the sole new Namco Original, 9* (4/6/6/9) Oni Yami no Mahou Shoujo. It's also a real doozy, and is the first Namco Original song that isn't a 10* song to have more than 1000 notes, topping out at 1158. It's now 4th overall in highest note total behind Necrofantasia, Yuugen no Ran and Shimedore 2000.

Excitement abound!

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