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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (18 September 2014) - Taiko Team's September '14 Stream Session!

With Etou being busy this week (as previously mentioned with yesterday's tweets), Takemoto steps in for the usual Thursday blog update for the announce of the next Taiko Team stream session. Get hype!

This Nicovideo-exclusive event will air next week on Friday 26th, from 7 o'clock (Japan time) for about three hours. Here are the event's main features:

-) Special Guest Time! Meet ZOLA

As male Vocaloid voices are getting an uprising trend on Taiko thanks to the introduction of ZOLA Project songs, the three voice actors behind the digital band's members have been invited to join the fun with the Taiko Team! From left to right, we have Minorun (voice of YUU), NANOX. (KYO) and Maui (WIL). Will there be the prospective of new songs on Taiko as well?

-) Namco Original Songs Backstage

In this brand new segment, we'll take a look (or more fittingly, a listen) to some of the future Namco Original tracks coming from the Bandai Namco Sound Section musicians, with special appearences of some of them as well. In this stream, the Backstage section will be about certain songs whose topics have been decided some time ago, in one of the previous streams...

On top of that, BNSI composer Torine (of Theremin Rhapsody, SORA-V Cosmic Bird and Time to dine fame) will show up to talk about her musical works on Taiko and perform some music live for the streamers to enjoy. Expect some theremin goodness, too!

-) Taiko Wii U 2 Talk

If the Famitsu reveal and the incoming Tokyo Game Show event aren't enough to introduce the game, the Taiko Team is also reserving part of the stream to talk about its selling points, possibly with the reveal of part of the game's starting songlist.

-) Taiko Kimidori Talk

The recent song delivery for the latest Taiko arcade firmware is just the beginning! More software updates lie behind the corner, as well as the revamped Dojo Ranking mode, and the Taiko Team will make good use of the stream for some more future update talk.

-) Lots of Other Stuff!

As usual, aside from the main events, the stream session will have some side activities sprinkled in. Among these, we'll have a look at the latest Taiko 3DS DLC song packs, Taiko RPG Da-Don's latest Gacha events and the Comments Challenge, which will grant goodies for all the streamers after hitting certain comment goals! Though if the goal list itself is still a mystery, we already know that the final goal (100.000 comments) will unlock a song which uses the 6/8 beat signature...

Stay tuned for the stream's video url on Nicovideo!

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