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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (7 August 2014) - August 2014's Stream Session and Special Title Parts Gacha!

For today's blog entry we have two announcements that surely will affect Kimidori arcade players! The Taiko Team will have another Nicovideo stream session, mostly focusing on the creation process of the latest Namco Originals.

Airing exactly 3 weeks from today (August 28th), this stream will last three hours, starting around 19 o'clock, Japan time. Here are the topics being discussed this time around:

-) 4th Kisekae Contest Award Ceremony
The Taiko Team's mini contest about arcade outfit customization will come to a close by announcing the winners in this future stream. Expect to see another celebratory wallpaper soon!

-) The Process Behind a Song's Lyrics
Namco Originals are getting a lot of different vocalists recently, so it makes sense to hear more about the songs's lyrics and what it takes to make and sing them! This newly-crafted segment will start off with the very recent Sacred Ruin and G Ishiki Kajou, but the Taiko Team is open for other song requests as well; just punch in your request on Taiko Team's Twitter page and cross your fingers!

-) New Namco Originals Announcement Corner!
New, never-heard-before Namco Original tunes will also pop in during the stream, complete with preview audio clips and a brief presentation! Also, for some reason this makes the Taiko Team feel justified for crying during the announcement... is that a hint for one of the featured previews?

-) Kimidori Version's Dojo Ranking and Taiko School
Last but not least, the Taiko Team will digress on the latest arcade incarnation of the Dojo Ranking mode and its new features, such as the 'Course Themes' and the highly-anticipated Taiko School folder.

As usual, a comments event will be held during the strea, granting  awards to all the arcade drummers upon reaching specific amounts of comments! The full award list will be revealed another day.

And now, for something completely different, we have the announcement of a brand new Limited Title Parts Gacha for Kimidori players! Lasting from today to September 7th, it holds another slew of new, Summer-related title parts such as 'Midsummer' (真夏), 'Beach' (渚) and so on. By popular demand, the two previous Limited Title Parts Gacha are back for a limited time as well!

Today's blog entry closes on a milder note: the Taiko Team is having a vacation break next week, in the period of August 12th-17th. As such, no new blog entries and Taiko Team tweets will be made during next week.

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