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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (28 August 2014) - Back to School with Chopin's Donchare

September is upon us, and so is a new slew of monthly challenges for the latest arcade generation! Which unlock will grant this time?

As this post's title suggests, September's Don Challenge song unlock is a Chopin song, and the only one not being featured so far on the 3rd generation arcades (or any other arcade for what that matters) is the Nocturne Op. 9-2, previously available only in the second Taiko PSP and Wii games. Visit the Chopin Series page on our blog to find more about this elusive Classic tune!

Next up is the monthly Kigurumi costume combo, which this time is about tennis! The body part of the Tennis (テニス) outfit is unlocked by playing once on September, while the Head gear will be a limited Rewards Shop purchasable item until September's end. Become a Taiko prince of tennis for yourself!

The latter half of today's blog entry is a general reminder about August's limited Kigurumi outfit parts, today's Taiko Team livestream and the latest DLC pack for the second 3DS Taiko game.

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