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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (21 August 2014) - August '14 Stream's Special Guests

The next Taiko Team stream session is airing in 7 days from today, but that doesn't stop the Taiko Team from promptly updating the event's schedule with special guests!

Aside from the event's planned activities from one of this month's earlier blog entries, this stream session will see the visit of two high-profile personalities! First of all, meet Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Mostly known under the nickname of 'Professor Sakamoto', this composer from Tokyo has made music for a lot of media over the years, ranging from movies to TV series and videogames. Counting over one thousand tracks from the latter media, he's widely known for his piano and chiptune compositions around the world, also symbolized by the Famicom on his helmet in the picture above. Professor Sakamoto will appear during the stream for a special announcement, so don't miss it! For more informations about his works, check out his official website.

And now, here's a familiar face to rhythm games players...

Tatsuya Shimizu will join the fun with the Taiko Team once again, after the past arcade Taiko tournament's Finals event. All his works for Taiko games so far were signed under the mostly-known Zeami (世阿弥) alias, but his very next song for Taiko games will have the Tatsh alias instead, a nickname more familiar to the Bemani rhythm games. The aforementioned new Tatsu song will be featured on the stream, along with a few comments about its creation process.

The blog entry ends with some details about the Dojo Ranking mode on Kimidori arcades, promising more details about some of the new courses's "themes" and a exhaustive explanation for the new Taiko School feature. See you on the stream next Thursday!

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