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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Taiko Plus: Awesome Spring Pack

The 'awesome' series of downloadable song packs for Taiko Plus continues with the spring-themed one! And they're not cutting back on song quality either; this one contains five Namco Originals, all of which are high-profile songs!
  • Sotsu Omeshiki (そつおめしき)
  • Yozakura Shanikusai (夜桜謝肉祭)
  • Haryu (春竜~Haryu~)
  • Tanhou ~Blooming~ ( 綻放~Blooming~)
Yozakura, Haryu and Tanhou all come packed with their Ura Oni charts, while this is Sotsu Omeshiki's first time on a consumer version of Taiko! GERMINATION is an instrumental that hasn't been heard of since its debut on Taiko PSP DX as a downloadable song. Here's hoping it gets noticed more now!

The pack was released yesterday, so get downloading!

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