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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (20 March 2014) - Taiko collabs and the Taiko Team's first streaming of the year!

Between the Niconico Super Conference 3 and the Game Music Triangle cross-over project, it looks like the Taiko Team couldn't increase the hype for next April. That is, until today's second blog entry...

Alongside the fancy events mentioned above, there is another collaboration event we forgot to mention since this week's beginning! The Touhou Project on Taiko is still alive and strong, with the promise of new songs for our drumming franchise in a future event, as some tweets from the Taiko Team also stated earlier this week.

Now that the news is on a blog entry, a location is finally mentioned for the Touhou Project collab's next step; some Taiko arcades will appear in the 11th edition of the Hakurei Shrine Festival (on May 11th, 10,30-16), which will be available for all the attenders to play free of charge. Of course, there will be new songs in there for the occasion, but more details will be given in the future. As of now, it's already possible to check out the event's official website for more informations about the Hakurei Shrine Festival.

In other news, the Taiko Team is preparing for yet another streaming session for all the Taiko fans to see! Both the GMT and the Touhou Project collabs will be the main topics, as well as the Taiko content scheduled for the Niconico Super Conference and the Hakurei Shrine Festival overall. As the stream will be 2-3 hours long, more topics will be discussed as well, but further details are voluntarily left out for future blog entries.

This stream will air on April 11th, from 19 o'clock onward (Japan Time) Unlike for the past ones, only Nicovideo will host this stream (probably due to the fact that will be mainly talk about a Niconico-related event).

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