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Monday, March 10, 2014

Namco Taiko Blog (10 March 2014) - Taiko Momoiro Game Version 14.07

It doesn't happen very often to have surprise blog updates on Monday, but there are usual big reasons behind their making before the usual Thursday appointment. One of these is yet another software upgrade for Taiko Momoiro arcades!

Releasing on March 19th, Game Version 14.07 brings three new addition to the latest Taiko firmware build. First of all, in the song department we have a new song which is already familiar to us...

After its debut a few weeks ago in a previous 1st PLACE event, Jin's Kagerou Days (3/5/5/7) is ready to make its way into the public arcade builds. Lots of Taiko enthusiasts have already spread several different ways to create really hard patterns with PC simulators in the past, so the possibility of an Ura Oni mode seems very likely!

The other two tweaks affect the menu side of arcade Taiko games, more specifically the Donder Hiroba and the Song Selection screen. GV 14.07 will make users able to send challenges and tournaments with friends under either the normal scoring rule or the Shin-Uchi one. Another new feature being added is the possibility for Banapassport users to customize the looks of the song selection screen by using the Auto Configure option. When toggled on, Auto Configure lets the player use a set of custom options previously set in order to save time in the song selection screen, such as the game mode and the modifier/s of choice. The feature is customizable in the Donder Hiroba.

It isn't all fun and games for today's blog entry though, as another cold shower is approaching fast. On April 9th, 7 o'clock (Japan time), another group of old licensed songs will be removed from the songlist; sadly, we are not talking about a mere triplet of songs like last time! Below, here is the list of those soon-to-be-removed songs from Taiko Momoiro:

Aruite Ikou
Egao ni Kanpai!
Love Letter
Ring a Ding Dong

Odore Dore Dora Doraemon Ondo
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Can Do
Kirakira Every day
Totsugeki Rock
By my Side
Busters Ready Go!
Hacking to the Gate
Best Wishes!
Mainichi Ka-san
Yuuki Rinrin
Let's go! Smile Precure


Like in the past, several preparation measures are planned before this song purge: from March 26th onward, it won't be possible to send online challenges and tournament to friends with one of these songs. After the song removal, it won't be possible to set one of these songs as favorites in Banapassport players' personal Donder Hiroba profile, leaving the space blank if one of those was already set as the favorite. While the high scores for these songs won't be visible anymore, the crowns achieved will remain until one of the future updates.

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