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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Made By You: Pursuit ~Cornered~ and more

Though I've somewhat slowed down on the features due to real-life commitments, keep sending in those charts! We love seeing fanmade charts for their favorite songs!

The above is a Taikojiro chart submitted by Lee Jia Yi, and is another of Capcom's claims to fame: the courtroom drama visual novel game series Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright. The story is wrapped in many layers throughout its five games (which began on the GBA as Gyakuten Saiban but localized on the Nintendo DS instead, and then continued on 3DS), with too many elements to mention, but the one constant being the titular lawyer Phoenix Wright solving case after impossible case and proving innocence of many people in tense courtroom action. It's far more gripping and exciting than I'm making it sound.

The song Pursuit ~Cornered~ plays on the first and third games at the climax of a court case, usually right before the final piece of evidence is presented, and is appropriately epic-sounding. This orchestral version comes in an album of instrumental PW songs of the original three games, and made here into a 9* Oni with 805 notes. Patterns repeat throughout the song and more notes are added on as it progresses, in a similar fashion to Naked Glow. The ending gets pretty tough with all the handswitch too.

Now for the osuTaiko features! Looks like videogame final boss songs are plentiful this time; together with Phoenix Wright, we also have the climax battle theme from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3, created by CoroQuetz. SMT is a complex game series created by Atlus and famed for its unique story and atmosphere, especially the Persona series. This particular one (released for PlayStation 2) was considered one of the best RPGs the year it came out. It follows a typical Japanese schoolboy who becomes half-demon and tasked with saving the world by recruiting demons inhabiting the earth as it goes through a rebirth phase.

Called "The Battle for Everyone's Souls", this song is played in the fight against Nyx Avatar, the penultimate boss of the game. A rousing rock song accompanying what many consider the toughest fight in many RPGs to date. This Taiko chart is not as hard, being a 7* with basic patterns and clusters, but playing on half-speed and double speed scroll to fir the mood.

A love and conflict-themed song from the latest beatmania IIDX game, Spada, named "Senritsu no Dogma ~Miserables~ (accented e). The artist name is long (Purimu=Siegried=Faielrozen) and one may assume it to represent the three people involved in the song's making: the composer (Toshiyuki Kakuta), the lyricist (mitsu) and the vocalist (Prim). The song uses a little girl voice but with heavy undertones in its lyrics and background music.

It's a level 12 in Another difficulty (the highest IIDX can go) and quite a respectable 9* in this chart made by AxelHino, which has repeating portions of clusters separated by streams and sections of large notes. It's fast, so be careful trying to FC it.

Remember Music Revolver? The boss song from Music GunGun 2 that was ported to Taiko no Tatsujin and had really long piano note streams in its second half for its Ura chart, and was also created by Zeami of the Rose and no Mai series songs? He's back, creating a sequel to Music Revolver on another of Taito's rhythm game arcades, Groove Coaster. crystal charted this song.

The song is Groove Revolver, and though the instruments used are completely different from its predecessor, it follows the pattern of tense music, followed by a break, then elevating the mood of the song to three times its original level before ending with a bang. Like Music Revolver, the song does not rely on high BPM to be difficult; there are many, many complex clusters and streams to deal with in this 10* Oni.

Never heard of this song? It's actually one of Packer Woo's original songs, but charted by tetsutaro. "Tatsu", as its name would suggest, is themed on dragons, and the title uses the kanji character for it too. MInzu is his artist tag used for this series of songs based on the Chinese/Japanese zodiac.

tetsutaro made this 8* Muzukashii which thrives not on clusters but on the song's high speed to reach the peak of the difficulty scale. Regular Oni players should have no problem, but it could be quite a stepping stone into Oni for new players!

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