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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taiko no Tatsujin Plus - Introducing the Amazing Song Pack

While we are waiting for a Summer pack of new songs for the third PSP Taiko game (as the Spring DLC release has already hinted to), smartphone users can feast their eyes on another selection of recent Namco Original songs for the Taiko + game.

Released yesterday by the name of Amazing Song Pack (すご歌ぱっく), this 5-piece musical addition features all very recent Namco Original tunes with a common feature: all of them have female vocalists! This pack has the following songs:
  • Senpuu no Mai - Heaven
  • Senpuu no Mai - Earth
  • Kuon no Yoru
  • Chiheisen no Aeolia
  • Zero no Nocturne (excluding Ura)
With another 10-star challenge on the table and two very recent tunes which haven't been featured in a console game before, Taiko + players surely have good reasons to grab this pack, don't they? Again, the price for the download is fixed to 600 Yen.

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