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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Song of the Week! 22 June 2013

Last Thursday's mention about Denden candies made me feel a little bit nostalgic, so today's song comes from the library of Taiko DS' licensed songs! Our first pick for the summer is...

 Lifetime Respect -Onna Hen- (Lifetime Respect -女編-) RSP
Allx3 (97)x3 (123)x4 (205/171/153)x7 (351)
 Taiko 11, Taiko DS 2

Being one of the rarest licenses on Taiko DS2, Lifetime Respect -Onna Hen- is the second single for the 2006 hip-hop girl band RSP (acronym for Real Street Performance). Hailing from the Kansai region, the founding of RSP is unusual as the band was born as a result of a Sony Records auction contest, named 'Real Street Performance', hence the RSP acronym. Among 5000 competitors, the band was formed by singers Ai and Saki, who won a record deal with Sony Records, thus sealing their entrance into the Japanese music world. As of now, RSP have released 2 studio albums and 10 singles, with today's song being released on August 2007 as their second entry.

This song's Japanese subtitle isn't only for decoration (lit. 'Female Version') Lifetime Respect -Onna Hen- is actually derived from another song by the same name, created by 70's Japanese reggae sensation Miki Douzan (三木道三). RSP wanted to make a song that was an "answer" to the original Lifetime Respect, including several samples and vocals from the original track as well! This song was also featured in a "dwango" commercial once and later used as of the ending themes for the NTV program "The Wide".

Despite the very low BPM of the song,  the female answer to Lifetime Respect's 7* Oni mode still holds up in the tier thanks to the song's upbeat rhythms and the repeated small 1/12 clusters all across the Oni chart.

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