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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (26 June 2013): GUMI Contest Winner Interviews

It's finally happened; the results of a year-old contest is finally surfacing on Taiko and the team gave the winners their long-deserved interviews. The four winning composers interviewed are:

Harunaba, composer of Kohi no Aji to.
Ryuwitty, composer of new 10* challenge Juukinzou Fugitive.
Noriyuki, composer of Dokidoki Koi no Yokan!?
Toyonaga Gonta P, composer of Ninjinnin.

Namco: Congratulations on winning! How do you feel?

H: Happy as always! I always like thinking about the creation process when my song gets in.
R: I'm honored to contribute to the advancement of new content in Taiko no Tatsujin with my own song. Thank you.
N: I've been waiting so long for this. I want to quickly play my own song!
T:  Very happy!! I was at the NicoNico Conference, but couldn't play any of the songs because there were so many people. Now that the songs are out, I'll practice lots to full combo then. Have fun everyone!!

Namco: To our two new winners, what was your reaction to winning the contest?

N: Being able to have my song used for a famous game....thank you so much!
T: I bet everyone was shocked, I'd just like to say 'congratulations' to all the winners. I've been checing on the views of my song since it went up on Nicovideo, and even though I was hopeful, I was the most surprised when I was announced as the winner. I'm so happy!

Namco: What kind of image were you going for with your song? Tell us your concept.

H: The theme was extremely bitter coffee, so I went for a more mature, adult vibe with a progressive, speedy song.
R: A forceful, real-world atmosphere with a gothic vibe to the song. I added a lot of drum beats to the song and it all became one big mix.
N: I was trying to go for the idol genre for once, with a bright, positive song.
T: Well since it's going to be in a game I was like 'why not make it sound like a game?' Hence all the beeps and bops in a song that sounds like a retro game. The image of GUMI holding a carrot makes me feel that she's promoting health, hence the title.

Namco: What was the hardest part in making the song?

H: I only used some simple instruments, so getting a good groove was tough.
R: The intro was difficult to work with and its flow was hard to control. But I guess it turned out alright in the end.
N: Solidifying the concept of the song, tuning the Vocaloid's voice and the guitar was a hard job.
T: The song was about carrots so the lyrics are naturally quite simple. Making the retro game vibe fit with the lyrics was the difficult part.

Namco: To our two-time winners, what tips do you have to get a song into Taiko?

H: The melody of the song is key! Also Taiko is a very beat-based game with all the drums, so placing musical highlights to make a good chart is just as important.
R: Think about what the song would be like if it were played with Taiko sticks. Adding tempo changes makes for potentially advanced techniques to be added, and together with a powerful, memorable song, it's perfect for Taiko.

Namco: Say something for GUMI, the Vocaloid used for this contest!

H: This GUMI contest had 'Megpoid Power' as the theme, so it was satisfying to make a rock song with her powerful voice!
R: Fantastic voice she has. I love GUMI's vocals.
N: Thank you GUMI for contributing your voice to Taiko no Tatsujin songs!
T: Congratulations on getting into the songlist! Continue singing with your cheerful voice! I'll make more GUMI songs.

Namco: Where's the website where you do your activity?

H: Currently in a band going on street live performances and sampling local delicacies. Twitter
N: I usually make music with a ukulele and acoustic guitar, but I'll try my hand at more Vocaloid songs! Website
T: Twitter Blog

Namco: Lastly, do you want to leave a message for our players?

H: It's been a while donders! This time my song is high-speed rock, I hope you enjoy it and all other games you have!
R: Thank you to all donders as always. Juukinzou Fugitive has lots of BPM changes and rhythm changes, hope you have fun playing the chart.
N: Now that the songs are up, go enjoy playing them!
T: I've seen the Taiko Tournament event trailr on Youtube, and I think you guys are an amazing bunch. Thanks!

Well, that's that. See you guys at the tournament!

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