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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (30 May 2013) - June's Donchare animals

After a whole month of -let's face it- NO new stuff from the Taiko Team whatsoever, we are two days from June 2013. Which means that another Don Challenge post is in the air!

This time, clearing 8 out of the 10 monthly challenges results with the unlock of a brand new song, a continuation of a beloved Namco Original song series. Said song is called SORA-VI Hinotori (SORA-VI 火ノ鳥), the first song in the space-themed series with a kanji title and the second consecutive one about birds (after SORA-V Cosmic Bird on PSP DX and Wii5, which skipped the arcade for some reason). The music is more powerful and less trance-like than the previous songs, but we'll discuss this song more when it's out on our SORA series page. For now, you can head to today's Taiko Team blog post and hear a brief sample of this new tune!

Of course, there is the monthly unlockable costume as well; coming from the second Wii Taiko game with a slightly different name, the Frog (かえる) costume is awarded to whoever plays on Sorairo during June.

While the ordinary blog post ends at this point, we have another message hidden in the page's source code:


100 and 101. 0 and 1.
Which do you place emphasis on?

What this cryptic message references is still unknown, but many ideas swarm out from the Web. While some may link the numbers with binary digits (4 and 5), someone else reads the hinted numbers as the count of Namco Original song in the Sorairo arcades. For the record, SORA-VI Hinotori will be the 100th Namco Original song in the current arcade. Is No.101 not far behind too?

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