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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Namco Taiko Blog (2 May 2013) - Sorairo's first online tournament

Another arcade feature from the older firmwares is coming back, as next week will mark the start of the first Donder Hiroba tournament for Sorairo.

From May 11th, 07:00 to May 19th, 01:59, the 'Donder's Spring Festival' (ドンだー祭り 春陽の陣) will measure the skills of the Banapassport users with a bunch of songs that are the latest additions from the current arcade firmware. The rules are the same as the previous tourneys; compete for the highest combined scores in the three songs and the best 100 players will be awarded with special titles.

The three songs picked for the Oni course are all the Ura Oni chart of Haryu, Yozakura Shanikusai and IMITATION BLACK, while the Muzukashii course will feature a mix of licensed and Vocaloid songs, starring AitakattaJojo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~ and Children Record. Like before, Banapassport players will be awarded with a title just by joining the competition in one of the two courses, while the Top 100 players will be awarded with another title, making four in total.

For those of you without Yozakura Shanikusai yet, Taiko Team gave a solution on how to get the song for competition purposes, using very obvious hints: You need two titles to get it. Full combo a Namco Original song titled '???' using the Detarame modifier on any difficulty. This song has something to do with a legendary festival....hmm...

After getting the song associated with the first title, full combo or clear a song '???' which is an original song about blooming flowers and another song '???' which everyone calls CaniCani. Then you'll get Yozakura! The solution has been known since Katsu-Don and it's on our unlock page too.

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