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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Made by You: Oodain and more

And here we go, for our usual round of custom Taikojiro and osu!Taiko charts made by you (and maybe me), to help us tide the drought of Taiko-related news before the summer comes (high expectations for a console Taiko announcement there, but it's just my guess).

The first chart shown above is another of tetsutaro's chart modification of an official song, this time for one of the most interesting 9* Onis ever made, Oodain. The original Oni chart's main gimmick was an increased scroll speed together with all the big notes you could ever want; the entire chart is ALL big notes! This doesn't carry over into tetsu's revised chart, though that doesn't make it any less easy. With the big note confusion out of the way, a lot more difficult clusters and streams with handswitching comes in since they're easier to read without the gimmick in place.

This next one comes from our regular contributor, Jia Yi. Though it might sound like something he made, this is actually not his song; it's a Windows remix of a BGM from Kirby Super Star, Meta Knight's Revenge. Wait, what's a Windows remix? Well, to put it simply, a Windows remix is using and manipulating the various built-in sounds from Windows, such as the pop-up, error, startup sound effects to create a song. It's a pretty creative concept.

Kirby BGM has always been on the collective wishlists of many Taiko fans in the case that Namco decides to pair up with Nintendo to release songs on Taiko (and they have been pretty buddy-buddy for quite some time). Meta Knight's Revenge is a game playable on the compilation called Kirby Super Star originally for the SNES, in which Kirby storms Meta Knight's airship, the Halberd, and eventually fights with the rotund masked swordsman one-on-one.

There's a regular and Ura Oni in the package, and while the Oni difficulty is standard fare, Ura Oni is intense with tons of long streams involving handswitch, made even more apt for their parts. Bounce to the beat, the Ura Oni is extremely fun to play! Why is it called World's Worst Computer Virus Song though?

Dary16 from our chatbox had two maps lined up for this feature, but one of them is missing a video so we're going with just this one first. This song is titled 'Light Colors' the opening theme song of a visual novel titled 'Tomoyo After: It's A Wonderful Life', released for PC on 2005. It is intended to be an R-18 visual novel, but an SFW version of the VN was also released for several home consoles, simply titled as 'Tomoyo After'. It follows a girl named Tomoyo, in a spin-off story of Clannad. The producer of Tomoyo After, Key, is also the one responsible for Clannad.

The song is rather slow, and the chart starts off light and easy before being packed with short clusters in the middle towards the end. A pretty easy 9* Oni, and you can see some improvement in Dary's charting skills here.

Last song for the day, and this one's by me. I don't usually find much fascination for Hatsune Miku songs, but when they're awesome, they're awesome. And some of them make really good candidates for extremely hard Taiko no Tatsujin charts. Case in point: Hatsune Miku no Gekishou. But even that one is not as fast as this! At BPM 260, Kusaregedou to Chocolate (lit. Rotten Heresy and Chocolate) is insanely fast, and we all know what it does to the humble 1/16 note cluster; turn it into a nightmare when packed together.

The song is composed by PinocchioP and has a pretty weird theme and background, almost corrupt and sexual in vibe. The song is upbeat pop, however. Full song is about 4 minutes long, but the version I used is a truncated one from Sega's Maimai rhythm game. I have a Taikojiro version of the chart too, but it's not uploaded yet (you can request me for it later). Everyone else's charts are in their respective Youtube links as usual!

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