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Monday, May 27, 2013

Made by You: Can't Hug Every Cat and more

(this was supposed to be up for Sunday but circumstances prevented me from publishing it so I'm doing it now!)

What is this song? Is it even a song...? Read more about it after the jump, and a few other excellent creations too!

You'd be tempted to search for 'Can't Hug Every Cat' but you won't find any major artist label attached to it. It was originally a video biography of a girl for an online dating site called eHarmony, then turned into a song by The Gregory Brothers in their 'Songify This' series on Youtube, kind of like Youtube remixes except with more work put into it. The emotional video about the girl loving all cats is turned into something worthy of a Youtube in-joke!

This must have been really difficult to chart, but tetsutaro did it anyway. Because of the nature of the video, the vocals are in irregular places and as such, it's one song in which 2 and 4 note clusters slip in very easily without straying from the rhythm of the song at all. It's not too difficult; try it out for a laugh!

Packer Woo has two compositions up for today's feature; this one is the first, titled 'Forbidden Fruit', the second chapter of his original 'Atonement' series, the first of which is submitted to CreoFUGA 2013. It sticks to the same style of music as the first song, and Packer did a stunning job of creating a difficult chart for it; though mentioned as a 9*, it's packed with clusters and with little rest. Most of these clusters are tricky too, with lots of handswitch and back-beat notes, and a gorgeous long stream at the end of the song. It's not very long, but it'll definitely take some time to FC since the chart is like a tougher version of Taiko Time Ura.

If you wish to listen to the song without the Taikojiro chart, you can do so here!

Unrelated to the Atonement series, Packer's second song is called 'Fire Dance' or 'Honoo no Mai (火ノ舞)'. Nope, totally not made by Zeami either. It's more soothing than the title suggests, with a violin being the main instrument and trumpets in the back serving as chords, with two specific areas where the song gets intense.

At first it doesn't seem to pile on as much pressure as Forbidden Fruit, but watch the video or play the chart and you'll see why it deserves its 10* rating; the BPM is unusually high and every 1/16 cluster feels like a 1/24 with the music behind it. And those two intense areas of the song? Guess what happens there? It's not troll-tastic like in Suuhaa 2000, but when those clusters start coming in it's a frantic battle just to keep up with the dance! Listen to the song here.

Our biggest contributor in terms of sheer volume is back (Yusri Khairi), and this time his lot of charts is a tribute to singer Kouji Wada, who is the vocalist for many theme songs of the Digimon anime series. I'll pick a song from Digimon then. This song is from Digimon Adventure 2, titled Target ~Akai Shougeki~ (ターゲット~赤い衝撃~). I'm guessing everyone here knows what Digimon is, right? Calling it a Pokemon equivalent is only half-correct, as some of the mechanics of raising Digimon are completely different.

Yusri Khairi charted the full version of the song, so it's another marathon chart at 4 and a half minutes long with 1182 notes. It's an 8* Oni and the notes clusters aren't ultradense or too difficult to follow Perfect for playing along to the beat while listening to the song!

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