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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (20 December 2012)- Arcade Don-chan dressup contest 2

The Don-chan costume contest is back for Taiko 0.5, this time with even more different costume combinations to work with! All the winners from the first contest shown above and in this post.

Rules for this contest remain the same; take a picture of your Don-chan from Donder Hiroba after you've dressed him up and send it over to the Taiko Team's Twitter account.

An example is shown above! This is a snapshot from Donder Hiroba with your Don-chan, name and title. Submit this to Twitter and the winners will be put on another wallpaper like the one shown above, and be featured on the official Taiko blog sometime soon! Contest starts today and lasts one week to December 27, 2012. Get to work!

Next week there will be two blog entries, one on the 25th (Christmas surprise?) and one on the usual Thursday on the 2th.

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