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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Chogouka-ban/0.5/PSP DX update post

This post is mainly for the purpose of covering the details of Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Chogouka-ban, but since the AC0.5 anniversary update and the Taiko PSP DX November download pack all fall together in the same week, I've decided to combine them all into one.

Number of updates
Wii5: 51
Taiko 0.5 arcade: 7

Regular text will be for Wii5, blue text will be for the arcade, and green text for PSP.

61. Dokidoki Don-chan Sawagi, Chogouka-ban's theme song, can be unlocked on Taiko arcades too, by performing a play with only Wii 5 songs, in a similar way to the unlocking method of the 3DS game's theme song. Proved to be fake.
60. Disregard update 58, the 10000 bonus points per 100 combo is indeed added to your score, just inconspicuously. Thanks to Yusri Khairi for the heads-up!
59. Unlock article for Wii5 is in progress. Help needed for costumes/Taiko Sounds!
58. Wii5 uses a partially new scoring method, in that it features the new score increment at only 10, 30, 50 and 100 combo, but does not give out 10000 bonus points upon every 100 combo. Additionally, drumrolls are 100 points per hit only, down from 300 (balloon notes and Kusudama remain at 300 per hit)
57. By a closer look to the PSP DX monthly songs's .edat files, no one new hidden ID has been found. Better luck next time!
56. First videos of the last couple of CreoFUGA songs: RAGE v.self (3/4/6/8; 545 notes on Oni) and 3piece-JazzParty! (4/5/7/9; 552 notes on Oni)
55. First video of MUSIC, the new IdolM@ster song. 6* Oni.
54. First video (combined) of the three new Namco Originals, Obage no Oshigoto, Knitting High and Ramen de Yo-Men!! 6* Oni, 7* Oni, 7* Oni respectively
53. PSP DX download pack is out today! Watch this space again for videos and difficulty ratings of the new songs in this pack.
52. Wii5 is released today!
51. Chiriyuku Ran no Tsuduru Uta confirmed unlocked at 250 plays, between Classic Medley (Rock ver.) and Angel Halo. 105/100
50. Error in our reporting of Tokoyami no Mori's sequel song some way down in this update post; the screenshot posted is indeed the original Tokoyami no Mori and its sequel's name has not been revealed until now, where we mistakenly put the title as Tokoyami no Mori's subtitle.
The sequel's name is '崩冠の紅月 破章「嘆きの姫」' (Houkan no Kougetsu: Hashou "Nageki no Hime") 104/100
49. Dokidoki Don-chan Sawagi, the theme song for Taiko Wii5, is unlocked by obtaining all 50 stamps in the minigame mode. This is obviously followed by the staff credits.
48. Tanhou Ura is 8* Oni with 585 notes.
-----------------^ November 28, 2012 ^-----------------------------
47. First video of Toryu Ura. 9* and 687 notes, with Taiko no Tatsujin's first ever 1/16 clusters at the end. Freaky!
46. Chogouka-Ban's Uras are handled just like in the arcade; only Ura Oni can be played for each Ura song, so no more full Ura difficulty sets for each song on console anymore.
45. The last of the current ac. series songs available, Akuukan Yuuei ac12.5, is also in the game, completing three different Namco Original series on a single disc. 103/100
44. Detarame modifier obtained at 20 crowns on Muzukashii.
43. Pavane for a Dead Princess (Ura) is 8* Oni, Toryu (Ura) is 9* Oni
42. Scroll Mika down to 7* Oni, Surfside Satie down to 8*, while relations, SORA-IV and V maintain their stars.
41. MUSIC, the new IdolM@ster song s 6* Oni (3/4/6/6). Yajirushi ni Natte, the new Pokemon OP is 3* Oni (1/2/3/3)
40. Confirmed 3Q-4U-AC00 is unlocked at 100 plays. 102/100
39: Eringi no Ekubo downed to 8*. Rumor from 2ch that 3Q-4U-AC00 is unlocked at 100 plays. Surfside Satie is unlocked at 50 plays.
38.Photo of all five SORA songs
37. Photo proof of both Arumujika and Kayou in the game, from the livestream.
36. A Wii5 livestreaming session reveals Arumujika ac14.0V as an unlockable song. 101/100
35. There are only three unlockable Namco Originals in this update and not four as previously reported. They are all obtained in a linear fashion; clearing Koi no Shohousen unlocks Oranda Nadeshiko, clearing that unlocks DIMENSIONS, and then unlocks Hanaoto Ura Hyoushi. Clearing this last song unlocks a title, but no new song.
34. As hinted by one of the past Taiko blog entries, the four hidden titles added with today's arcade update will unlock additional songs as well! Three more Namco Originals are unlocked this way, all of them coming from the the CreoFUGA contest like Koi no Shohousen: Oranda Nadeshiko, DIMENSIONS and Hanaoto Ura Hyoushi. No rating changes for all the NO songs ported to arcades.
33. Kayou ~Flourishing Blossoms~ said to be in the game by a leaker, and has its Ura unlocked together with Tanhou ~Blooming~. Pending confirmation. 100/100
32: First video of Pokemon Black 2/White 2 Gym Battle Medley. The medley covers more than just the Gym Battle music; it goes from regular trainer battle to Gym battle to the Last Pokemon song, then the victory song, and even the tune that plays when you obtain a Gym Badge is in. Credits to "someone" from the chatbox!
31. Totsugeki Rock, the 11th Naturo Shippuden OP theme, is 5* Oni with 394 notes.
30. Pokemon Black 2/White 2 Gym Battle Medley has been played, and is 8* Oni (2/2/6/8) with 777 notes.
29. Red Rose Evangel confirmed by leakers to be in the game. 99/100
28. The Taiko 0 update goes live! We'll be updating on the status of the secret songs and difficulty of the new songs on this space. Expecting to hear back in a few hours' time.
27. A blogger has handily compiled all the information we know up to now regarding the hidden songs in Taiko Wii 5, and it seems we've missed three songs. Flight of the Bumblebee, Phantom Rider (with Ura), and Karma Tatsujin Mix. 98/100
26. Random mods Kimagure and Detarame have been confirmed in the game, however stacking of game modifiers is not.
-----------------^ November 27, 2012 ^-----------------------------
25. First video of Senbonzakura Ura Oni., 8* with 1000 combo, making it the third song to break the 999 note limit, and the second song with 1000 notes after Telecastic fake show.
24. Senbonzakura Ura Oni said to be 8*. Well, the song is rather long.
23. Taiko Wii 5's new 10* Game Music has now a name and a video! Angel Halo is the second Ridge Racer 3D song in Taiko games, after Venomous last year. Max Combo for Oni mode is 898.
22. Confirming Ura modes (12)
Cruel Angel's Thesis

Senbonzakura (1000 combo)
Oshiri no Yama wa Everest

Pavane for a Dead Princess

Namco Original
Samba Alegria
Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu -Gekijouban-
Dodon ga Don
Sword Battlers
Black Rose Apostle
White Rose Insanity
21. A new Game Music song is unlocked with 10* Oni but the leaker did not mention the title of the song. 95/100
20. Fantasie Impromptu unlocked for Classic genre. 94/100
19. The Twitter person says Kamikaze Remix, Doom Noiz and Classic Medley (Rock ver.) are unlocked. 93/100
18. First video of S, the new J-Pop song, at 9* Oni (4/5/6/9) with 596 notes. Very high BPM with simple patterns in some places and lots of clusters and streams in another. Loads of drumrolls too.
-----------------^ November 26, 2012 ^-----------------------------
17. Rumors are speculating about new Ura modes for the Classic song Pavane for a Dead Princess and the brand new Senbonzakura, but still needs verification.
16. Another picture proves the presence of the latest 2000 song, Suuhaa 2000, in the final Wii game! 90/100

15. Another stray of unlockables! For Namco Original genre: Diet Padarise, SORA-V Cosmic Bird and Blue Rose Ruin (why not Red Rose, anyway?); for Game Music genre: Dragon Saber and Metal Hawk BGM1, as the image below testifies. 89/100

14. The Mika and SORA series meet other revival occasions on Wii, with Menkui Miracle, Canadea and SORA-IV Bunpasong confirmed as unlockables. 84/100
13. Another Taiko Wii 5 image, showing Tokoyami no Mori as unlockable song. This is apparently, as said by the Twitter user, a brand-new sequel. 81/100

12. Confirmed as unlockables Crane City (35.000 Drum Counter) and Surfside Satie (unlock conditions unknown). 80/100
11. First Oni video of Senbonzakura, the new Hatsune Miku song on Chogouka-Ban. Ratings for each mode are 3/5/6/7 stars, and Oni mode has 831 notes. Pretty impressive for a 7* song, huh?
10. The same Twitter user has twitted a partial list of what he unlocked until now! Here's what we get until now with the Drum Counter:

3000 Hey, Mr. Professor
3500 Wasure na Gusa (わすれなぐさ) 
4000 Reviver (リバイバー)
4500 Dodon ga Do
n (ドドンガド~ン) 
5000 White Rose Insanity 
6000 Samba Alegria (サンバアレグリーア) 
7000 Kare Kano Kanon (カレ・カノ・カノン)
8000 Ninja wa Saikou (忍者は最高) 
9000 Mojipittan (もじぴったん) (possibly the Mojipittan Medley)

10.000 Toryu (冬竜 ~Toryu~)
15.000 When the Saints go Marching In (聖者の行進)
20.000 Sword Battlers (ソードバトラーズ)

Also confirmed as unlockables Famires Wars, Scroll Mika and SORA-III Heliopause, though the player doesn't really know how he unlocked those songs. 78/100
9. Twitter user yuuki0121kara managed to get an early copy of Chogouka-Ban and posted the first trustworthy pictures of the game!

The 2nd picture proves that Hey, Mr. Professor will be an unlockable song.
8. The updates from yesterday are most likely to be a hoax, as there were several inconsistencies in the leaker's information and still no photos.
-----------------^ November 25, 2012 ^-----------------------------
7. Phantom Rider has been unlocked, both its regular and Ura mode together (I have a bad feeling about this one...). 71/100
6. First bunch of Oni mode rating cuts for some of the already-announced songs:

EZ DO DANCE           9→8 
ABC no Uta                 8→7 
relations                      8→7 
Eringi no Ekubo           9→8 
Numijika ac.10            9→8 
Akuukan Yuuei ac12.5 10→9 
SORA-III Heliopause    9→8 

5. Knitting High is Muzukashii 7*, Ramen de Yo-Men! is 5*, Senbonzakura is 6* and Eringi no Ekubo is 8*

4. The same person on 2ch found Suuhaa 2000 as one of the Oni difficulty challenges in the Taiko Classroom mode, confirming it in the game. 70/100
3. SORA-III, Scroll Mika, Akuukan Yuuei ac12.5 are in the Namco Original genre, Oo Vreneli, An American in Paris are in the Classic genre. 69/100
2. We know 64 songs which are in Taiko Wii 5, out of (more than) 100.
1. Someone has apparently got an early copy of the game at 2ch. Although it remains a rumor for now due to lack of pictures, we are close enough to launch day and the mad Taiko week to warrant making this post. We are proceeding with caution right now because of the lack of photographic proof, so take the above updates with a pinch of salt. Stay tuned for any changes!
-----------------^ November 24, 2012 ^-----------------------------


  1. Apparently the cuts are just guesses.

  2. I hope it is fake. I don't want to have Senbon with 6* and AC12.5 with 9*....

    1. Even if real, those are Muzukashii ratings, not Oni.


  4. Senbonzakura need an Ura mode, and there are pretty good songs,
    old series and new song for AC0-0.5
    I do like crane city ^^, but metal hawk again !!
    So it will be impossible to fully complete that game...

  5. Putting a hell bunch of hardass songs altogether in one game
    Then rake in the moneys when we break the Taikocon.
    Nice plot Namco

    Also update 10 spawns 15 songs + 64 in starting list = 79
    making every song count thereafter less by one.
    (Unless you don't count Mojipittan *what*, then it is fine)

    1. No we didn't count Hey Mr Professor because we already know about that one.

  6. Replies
    1. The latest arcade already axed Rotter's Ura Muzukashii mode. Oh well, I guess Namco is getting lazy on making easier modes for 14-15 songs...

  7. Toryu Ura....What do they think about? give a 9* for something as fast as Joubutsu? It doesn't make any sense.....

  8. No full Ura?

    Why is Namco so miserly this time? >_<

  9. To Shekdian:
    Toryu ura's BPM is very low. Before the last Go Go Time, all the note streams, despite being long, are actually not hard to read. The only problem is the series of 1/12 beats in the last Go Go Time.
    While Joubutsu2000's BPM is very high, and the note patterns are even harder to read for the whole music.
    Currently, Namco rates the music's difficulty in terms of normal clear instead of full combo.

    1. I mean, they can make the note easier......It shouldn't appear in a 9* song doesn't it. Nobody want to use Jobutsu ability to full combo a 9* right?

  10. but is the 1/12 denser than shoushitsu?

    1. No. In shoushitsu ura, BPM240's 1/6 beat = BPM360's 1/4 beat. While in Toryu ura, BPM110's 1/12 beat = BPM330's 1/4 beat, it is a bit slower.

  11. Oni is unlocked with only 5 playes/medals.
    The lowest requirement to unlock Oni up to now