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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (22 November 2012) - A new Rose song and December's Don Challenge stuff

In today's feature, a new song comes to light and December's Don Challenge prizes have been revealed. Come and see what's going on!

Like already mentioned in the previous Taiko Team blog entry, the incoming 'Donder's Winter Festival' (ドンだー祭り 冬の陣) Banapassport tournament will feature a brand new song, besides Red Rose Evangel and Blue Rose Ruin. And -as hinted by another very old blog entry- it's a song for composer Zeami's Rose series!


As previously speculated by Wikihouse users, the final chapter for the series is named Purple Rose Fusion, and it seems to be a derivative from the other two latest Rose songs, as the combination of colors Red and Blue result in Purple. As the difficulty ratings above may suggest (5/7/8, all at the maximum), we could be looking at a potential 10* monster this time, as Purple Rose Fusion is also the final Rose series song. Taiko Team leader Etou stated that he will talk about this song further in a future blog post.

The song will be available on Taiko 0.5 tomorrow for everyone, as soon as the winter online tournament begins! The Donder's Winter Festival will last from November 23rd, 7.00 AM, to December 1st, 1.59 AM.

And speaking of December, another new month means another round of Don Challenge trials! Every Banapassport users who manages to clear 8 out of 10 (11 with the Group challenge) will be awarded with an old fan favourite from Zeami's works: Senpuu no Mai- Heaven (旋風ノ舞【天】), a song introduced on the 13th arcade.

And, Namco guys are being generous this month (hey it's Christmas month)! By clearing 2 more Don Challenge trials, Banapassport players will unlock the other twin song, Senpuu no Mai- Earth (旋風ノ舞 【地】). This version of the song came before Heaven, and was first released on Taiko Wii 2.

December's special costume for Banapassport users, on the other hand, is very Xmas-related! Players who play on the Taiko arcade once on December will receive the Santa Claus (サンタクロース) outfit. Merry Christmas, da-don!


The last thing mentioned in today's blog entry is a simple contest, once again related to the latest Taiko console game. If you live in Japan, sign up with your Banapassport card and play once after the 5.06 firmware update goes live (from November 27th) to stand a chance to winning one out of the 300 Taiko Wii Chogouka-Ban Game+Tatacon bundles! The deadline for this contest is February 3rd, in 2013.


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