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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Made by You: 2echo4 and more

And we're back after a two-week break with more custom Taiko no Tatsujin notecharts made by you! This time it's not just Taikojiro that's involved. Keep reading!

The above is 2echo4, a song composed by Packer himself, all in the span of a single day with the help of some composing tools and a piano. The song is so named because of the echoing effect from the piano, and the massive number of even-numbered note clusters, especially 2 and 4, everywhere in the chart. The BPM is average so it's pretty easy to keep up without tripping over too much. Just enjoy the music!

Now there's this one, from a mapper new to this feature! Instead of Taikojiro, this map is made with a different software; the multi-rhythm game simulator osu! Made by tetsutaro from the osuTaiko community, this chart is the Taiko cut of Fun! Fun! Fantasy (the OP of Mirumo de Pon Golden) except with more and different note patterns. The song was originally in the first PS2 Anime compilation Taiko game.

More than one way to play fanmade Taiko charts! If you have either Taikojiro or osu, you can download these maps from their video description. Have fun!

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