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Friday, November 9, 2012

IdolM@ster minigame in Taiko Wii 5

On the same day as the official blog post yesterday, the same author (alias 'inamasu' or '17マス') went out of his way to post another blog entry on the IdolM@ster page regarding Taiko Wii 5! And it's not the same as the one on the Taiko Blog.
Unlike the interview with producer Matsumoto, this post is more IdolM@ster-centric, mentioning most of Taiko Wii 5's iM@s content, like the two songs 'relations' and the brand new one 'MUSIC♪' and also about Don-chan's IdolM@ster costume shown above!

But that's not all; there is iM@s stuff in Wii5's new game mode too, in the minigame compilation.

What's that in front of Don-chan?

Yep, this is an IdolM@ster minigame, one of the 30 playable on Taiko Wii 5! Just follow the on-screen rhythm (should be simple enough).

20 days to Taiko Wii 5!