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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Chogouka-ban's 2nd website update!

16 days before the release of Taiko Wii 5! Namco has finally updated its barebones official site for the game after 3 months of hiatus. Every single section of the site has been updated, so let's see what's new!


Let's start with the main stuff, shall we? Now the songlist available on the website accounts for almost all the songs that were already leaked at the Tokyo Game Show 2012. 

Classic, Variety and Game Music genres are now complete with the information we have so far, but the Namco Originals are still incomplete on the site though we already know their existence. However, we finally know the name of Chogouka-Ban's theme song: Dokidoki☆Don-chan Sawagi (どきどき☆どんちゃん騒ぎ). It had been rumored for three weeks but there was no source. It's confirmed now. Wonder who the singer is this time! (putting my money on it being Don-chan's seiyuu again)

Guest Characters

This section is finally complete with the three missing ones from the website: Monster Hunter, Idolm@ster and a new entry: GUMI! Like in the arcade, by playing Matryoshka it will be possible to find either Miku dancers or the GUMI ones.


Taiko Classroom / Tsumamikui Ensou (Guide Mode)

Returning features from Kettei-ban, the Guide Mode allows players to stop songs midway, rewind and replay to practice troublesome spots. It looks like Fuuga and Mirai from Wii 4 are coming back too to host the Taiko Classroom like they did last time.


A new Don-chan art style means a whole new wardrobe of outfits! The section shows the 'Don-chan no Takaramono' menu, also a name recycled from Kettei-ban, with all the costumes and stuff in it. You can spot at least a dozen costumes both completely new and returning from arcade/3DS from the page, so I'll just post what my Don-chan's outfit will be for the next ∞+1 days.

The Tamagotchi costumes recently released for the Taiko 0.5 arcade are also here, as are costumes for Gumi, Hatsune Miku, Dragon Quest, Idolmaster, and a lot more (more than 30 costumes). They look pretty awesome!

The unlocking of things is done right after the results screen like in Ketteiban, without Don-chan getting any mail. Guess it's time to do some tracking!

 Exhilarating Moment! Don-chan Commotion

A better explanation of the gameplay flow in Taiko Wii 5's new minigame mode is finally up, so it's no longer just a dumping ground for a bunch of games with no aim for them! Every time a minigame is played, players will earn a certain number of golden coins, according to the players's position in the game (just like in Wii 3)


When a certain number of coins is collected from human players (the CPUs don't count), something will be unlocked, like a harder game mode (see below).


Minigames can be played in various courses (shown on the website are Tetsuo, Hana and Donko; there are more courses later on). Each course is a set of minigames with objectives placed on them. Clear them all to finish the course and get a stamp. In addition, each course has three difficulty settings too, making for a lot more depth.



If you wanna see more, just check Taiko Wii 5's website! It's just too bad the theme song isn't being played in the back.


  1. A bit more about the minigame mode I picked up:
    Hana courses are about relaxed gaming
    Tetsuo courses are about bashing as quickly as possible
    Donko courses are about following the rhythm

    The site shows pictorial example of the basketball minigame: Tetsu course has 10,000+ basketballs rolling towards you. Donko course resembles more of the main game.