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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog (25 October 2012) - Katsu-Don's latest update and November's Don Challenge goodies


Today's the release date for October 2012's DLC pack for Taiko PSP DX, but we're not talking about that today! There's another arcade update, and information for the next Don Chare is out now!

Let's start with the former, shall we? On November 2nd, Katsu-Don arcades will be upgraded to Version 4.06, with new songs and features. Two new songs for the Anime genre will be added:



The new addictions are Doremi Fasorairo (from Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dreams) and Life is SHOW TIME (from Kamen Rider), available for everyone to play. Also, by playing the Tamagotchi song once, Banapassport users will be awarded with a couple of outfits based on the anime's main characters: Mametchi (まめっち) and Yumemitchi (ゆめみっち):
The Taiko arcades will also receive a new Song Selection feature: players will be allowed to undo the selection of a song by using a new Undo button, in a similar way to home console games (no more accidentally picking a song any more!). It's possible to use the Undo function every time, as long as there is enough time for selecting another song (30 or more seconds)!


As already said, Version 4.06 will be live on November 2nd. Mark the date!

Now let's talk about November's Don Challenge awards. By clearing 8 out of 10 trials this next month, players will be able to play a brand new Namco Original called junction. Its SongID is sqr2, possibly meaning that it is the spiritual sequel of the console-exclusive Sports Digestdon (its ID is 'sqr'). An audio preview is already available in today's blog post, but if the plugin doesn't load properly, you can also hear it from this link. It sounds complex; is this going to be a very difficult song...?

A new month for Katsu-Don arcade also means another monthly costume! By playing once on November, Banapassport players will unlock another food-related outfit: the Yosenabe (よせ鍋), which is a steamboat filled with seafood and vegetables.
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