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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Namco Taiko Blog 2 (11 October 2012) - CreoFUGA interviews, part 2

CreoFUGA songs number 3 and 4 were distributed for Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX just two weeks ago, and Namco has interviewed the two creators of the winning songs!

Creator of 'Oranda Nadeshiko', Hichou Otoko! (飛鳥男さん)
Creator of 'Koi no Shohousen', Inoue Bona! (井上ぼなさん)

Both of them are in the hot seat today. Now let's see how they feel about being the winners. Hichou is pretty calm about it; since it's been six long months since the winners were announced and the thrill has died down...Fair enough, I guess. Inoue is still pretty charged up.

How did they make the song? Hichou logically thinks of Taiko tied to traditional Japan, to the ancient times, to ninjas. Despite the song name, Orando Nadeshiko was influenced by ninjas. Bona's song is a more typical sweet-sour, cutesy song. Hichou spent a long time on the guitars of his song as it was of quite a high BPM and pretty difficult to strum to, while Bona's attention was more on the lyrics. It's his first time making a love-themed song too.

Hichou isn't much of a listener of music, while Bona (predictably) listens to a lot of music for movies, drama series and anime. He's also been picking up on Go Shiina and Masubuchi Yuuji's works (obligatory Masubuchi popping in to thank him.) You can see their discography on their websites; Hichou is working on more music-making competitions and 'a certain' Vocaloid song contest. Bona is a freelancer.

Hichou - http://nomiandaska.net/
Bona - http://homepage3.nifty.com/bona/

Have fun with the two songs!

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