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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Made by You: Madoka Mania and more!

Yesterday's Song of the Week was Madoka's opening theme, and today we're following up with more Madoka! Three fanmade Madoka Taikojiro charts by jylee, and a few other non-Madoka charts too.

The first of the three is shown above, Prex -Materia Kyokoensis-, which is the theme song of Sakura Kyoko from Madoka Magica Portable (the red-haired spear-wielding magical girl). Fast and hard with loads of big notes, like a crazier version of Burning Force Medley, this has 850 notes total spread across more than 2 minutes of music. Beware the ending!

This second song is Terror Infinitus, the song which plays in the same game during the boss battle against a witch called H.N.Elly (Kirsten), a witch based on television screens. She also makes an appearance in the original anime series too. Not as stressful as Kyoko's theme song since it's quite a lot slower, but the beats are powerful and very fun to play in this 8* Oni. The Kat notes are especially well-placed.

The third song is Luminous, which is the ending theme song of the first Madoka Magica movie, but sadly the video of the Taikojiro chart has been struck out by copyright before we could feature it. The notechart is still available to download here. jylee puts it at 8* Oni with 1003 notes. Luminous has been a favorite target for copyright strikes so music files are quite scarce, however the song bears much resemblance to Connect with the same style of music.

And now two more notecharts by Yusri Khairi!

A full version chart for My Soul, Your Beats!, the OP theme for Angel Beats and a take on a low-tier 10* Oni difficulty.

This second one is an alternate notechart for Mujihi na Ou, a song from God Eater. This makes the authentic chart look more plain than it already is!

All five notecharts have download links in their respective video descriptions, so if you have Taikojiro, go enjoy them!

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