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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taiko Wii 5 REAL starting songlist

If you've been following the blog closely for the past 3 to 4 days, we have posted two articles about the new songs for Taiko Wii 5. You can disregard them now, as they have been confirmed fake. Information leaks from Tokyo Game Show is not easy to come by as videos and photos are forbidden and so, whenever something is posted, we can only take it at face value and with a pinch of salt, and for that, we apologize for any inconvenience it might have caused you.

However, just this morning someone on 2ch uploaded seven videos (sideways) taken from an iPhone, with the real Taiko Wii 5 starting songlist, making all previous rumor posts completely useless. Read more to see the final story from Tokyo Game Show!

Except for Numujika, all of the songs in the rumor songlist are not in Taiko Wii 5's starting songlist. This is the true listing from Tokyo Game Show (Wii debut/console debut in bold, new songs in red and bold):

Matryoshka (マトリョシカ) Hachi feat. Hatsune Miku+GUMI

Heaven and Hell (天国と地獄 序曲)
Mars (火星)
Minuet (メヌエット)
Pavane for a Dead Princess (亡き王女のためのパヴァーヌ) 

Game Music
Great Animal Kaiser!! (グレートアニマルカイザー!!)
Tales of Xillia Medley (テイルズ オブ エクシリア メドレー)
relations (from IdolM@ster 2)
Dragon Spirit Medley (ドラゴンスピリットメドレー)
Symphonic Valkyrie (シンフォニック ワルキューレ)

Namco Original
Obage no Oshigoto (おばけのお仕事)
Knitting High (ニッティング・ハイ)
Ramen de Yo-Men!! (ラーメン de Yo-Men!!)
Fly away
Hey, Mr. Professor (ヘイ,ミスタープロフェッサー)
Omoi o Te ni Negai o Komete (想いを手に願いを込めて)
LOVE Ikusa!! (LOVE戦!!)
Eringi no Ekubo (エリンギのエクボ)
Neko Kujira (ねこくじら)
Numujika ac.10 (ヌムジカac.10)
Stage 0.ac11
Tanhou ~Blooming~ (綻放~Blooming~)
SORA-I Earth Rise (SORA-I アースライズ)
SORA-II Gliese 581 (SORA-II グリーゼ581)
Black Rose Apostle

Total number of songs: 63/100, excluding Uras

Unlike the false songlist, this one has three debut Namco Originals, three debut Game Music, and one debut Classic. Four Taiko 0 Namco Originals and one 0.5 has been brought over. The rest are probably unlockable? Who knows?

Note that even though the previous songlist is fake, some of the songs in there might show up as unlockables. Again, this is up to Namco's discretion as there is no way of knowing the unlockables at this point in time.

SORA-I and II make their return, the first time appearing on a console since Taiko Wii 2, as are the first 2 songs in the ac series. Are Namco planning to bring both series to Wii 5 in their entirety? (both series have five songs each, with the Rose series closing in on that number as well)

The seven videos have been packaged into a zip and uploaded to Mediafire. Download it and see for yourself!

Link to download source videos

Details we can get from the videos:

The results screen for Taiko Wii still does not include the number of drumrolls, casting some doubt on whether the other new features will be here (new scoring, random modifiers and multimod)

That's the Variety songlist with Matryoshka in the center.

This is the Game Music songlist, with most of the TGS additions in view except Symphonic Valkyrie (watch the 5th video carefully, you'll see it)

Namco Originals part 1. Left to right: Miku no Shoushitsu, Obage no Oshigoto, Knitting High, Fly away, Her Mr Professor, Matsuri D/A, Omoi o Te, Love Ikusa (whoops, slight scuff in the image because MS Paint being stupid, sorry for that)

Classic genre, with all the songs included. Mars, Minuet and Heaven and Hell are seen.

Namco Original part 2. From left to right: Love Ikusa, Eringi no Ekubo, Neko Kujira, ac10 and ac11, Tanhou, Sora-I and II, and finally Black Rose Apostle.

Hope you enjoyed the starting songlist, and take care everyone. Two months to release!


  1. just ONE old idolmaster song ? NOOOOOOO

  2. Well, actually MUSIC♪ is an Idolm@ster song too, from Shiny Festa (aka the latest game of the franchise, presented at this year's TGS.)

    Btw have I already mentioned that there are more Idolm@ster songs than 2000 song in Taiko no Tatsujin games?