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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taiko 3DS Stamp Album and rank

All the unlockable content in Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS is arranged into a list of achievements called a stamp album (スタンプ帳), similar to the list used by Taiko PSP DX. For each achievement you obtain, a certain number of Taiko Points are added to your profile. Get a certain amount of points to raise your rank!

Stamp album
NumberRequirementsTaiko PointsReward
1Clear a song10Taiko sound: Conga (コンガ)
2Clear 5 songs on Kantan in Play mode5Costume: Happy Festival (おまつりハッピ)
3Clear 15 songs on Kantan in Play mode10Costume: Maid (メイド)
4Clear 25 songs on Kantan in Play mode10Game modifier: Abekobe
5Clear 40 songs on Kantan in Play mode10Game modifier: Sanbai
6Clear 55 songs on Kantan in Play mode15none
7Clear 5 songs on Futsuu in Play mode5Costume: Sweets (スイーツ)
8Clear 15 songs on Futsuu in Play mode10Costume: Soccer Ball (サッカーボール)
9Clear 25 songs on Futsuu in Play mode10Game modifier: Doron
10Clear 40 songs on Futsuu in Play mode10Game modifier: Yonbai
11Clear 55 songs on Futsuu in Play mode15none
12Clear 5 songs on Muzukashii in Play mode5none
13Clear 15 songs on Muzukashii in Play mode10Oni difficulty
14Clear 25 songs on Muzukashii in Play mode10Costume: Golden Taiko (きんのたいこ)
15Clear 40 songs on Muzukashii in Play mode10Game modifier: Detarame
16Clear 55 songs on Muzukashii in Play mode15none
17Clear 5 songs on Oni in Play mode5none
18Clear 15 songs on Oni in Play mode10Taiko sound: Gorgeous Taiko (ゴージャス太鼓)
19Clear 25 songs on Oni in Play mode10none
20Clear 40 songs on Oni in Play mode10Taiko sound: Shuriken (しゅりけん)
21Clear 55 songs on Oni in Play mode15none
22Full combo 1 song10Game modifier: Kanpeki
23Full combo 10 songs10Taiko sound: Wooden Fish (もくぎょ)
24Full combo 30 songs10Taiko sound: Ancient Drum (太古の太鼓)
25Full combo 60 songs10Taiko sound: Tsuzumi Drum (つづみ)
26Full combo 100 songs15Taiko sound: Idol Fart (アイドルおなら)
27Have >100 combo at the end of a song10Costume: Shark (サメ)
28Have >300 combo at the end of a song10Taiko sound: Bell (すず)
29Have >600 combo at the end of a song10none
30Have 765 combo at the end of a song15none
31Have >100 drumroll hits in one song10none
32Have >200 drumroll hits in one song10Taiko sound: Kendo (剣道)
33Get all 良 in one song (Donder-Full Combo)10none
34Get all 可 in one song (False Full Combo)10none
35Full combo a song with Baizoku
modifier turned on
5Costume: Train (でんしゃ)
36Full combo a song with Sanbai
modifier turned on
37Full combo a song with Yonbai
modifier turned on
38Full combo a song with Kimagure
modifier turned on
39Full combo a song with Detarame
modifier turned on
40Full combo a song with Abekobe
modifier turned on
41Full combo a song with Doron
modifier turned on
42Play all 55 songs once (excluding Ura)20Costume: Chibi Don (ちびどん)
43Play all 5 Ura modes once10Costume: Ramen Stall (ラーメンやたい)
44Become friends with Raruko10New song: Wrath of Requiem (レクイエム 怒りの日より)
45Defeat Ashumo in Story mode10New song:  Kimi ni, Romantic (君に、ロマンティック。)
46Defeat Levaa in Story mode10New song: Ego Ego Atakushi (エゴエゴアタクシ)
47Defeat Mamaphelgor in Story mode10New song: Taberuna 2000 (タベルナ2000)
48Defeat Man&Mon in Story mode10New song: Hayabusa (隼)
49Defeat Kat-chan in Story mode10New song: Mekadesu (メカデス。)
50Return Kat-chan back to real world10Costume: Heavy Metal (ヘビメタ)
51Defeat Zebubu in Story mode10New song: Alborada del Gracioso (道化師の朝の歌)
52Defeat Maou in Story mode20New song: Maou no Showtime (マオウのショウタイム)
53Defeat Ashumo without using orbs15none
54Defeat Levaa without using orbs15none
55Defeat Mamaphelgor without using orbs15none
56Defeat Man&Mon without using orbs15none
57Defeat Kat-chan without using orbs15none
58Defeat Zebubu without using orbs15Costume: Portable Shrine (おみこし)
59Defeat Maou without using orbs20Costume: Tengu (てんぐ)
60Collect 1 treasure in Story Mode10Costume: Musha (むしゃ)
61Collect 3 treasures in Story Mode10Taiko sound: Fart (おなら)
62Collect 6 treasures in Story Mode10Costume: Polar Bear (しろくま)
63Collect 9 treasures in Story Mode10Taiko sound: Tambourine (タンバリン)
64Collect 12 treasures in Story Mode15Taiko sound: Soccer (サッカー)
65Collect 15 treasures in Story Mode15Costume: Hero Don (ゆうしゃ どん)
66Collect 18 treasures in Story Mode20New song: Takara no Oka (宝の丘)
67Play 1 wireless multiplayer match5Costume: Castle (おしろ)
68Play 5 wireless multiplayer matches10none
69Play 10 wireless multiplayer matches10Taiko sound: Drum Set (ドラムセット)
70Play 20 wireless multiplayer matches10none
71Play 30 wireless multiplayer matches15none
72Play 1 wireless multiplayer match with 4 players10Taiko sound: Don-chan (どんちゃん)
73Get 10000 hits on Taiko counter10New song Sanpo (Ura) (さんぽ(裏))
74Get 20000 hits on Taiko counter10none
75Get 30000 hits on Taiko counter10New song: Hakuchou no Mizuumi ~still a duckling~ (Ura)
76Get 40000 hits on Taiko counter10none
77Get 50000 hits on Taiko counter10New song: Dodon ga Don (Ura)
78Get 60000 hits on Taiko counter10none
79Get 70000 hits on Taiko counter10New song: Angel Dream (Ura)
80Get 76500 hits on Taiko counter10Costume: Gyudon (ぎゅうどん)
81Get 80000 hits on Taiko counter10none
82Get 87600 hits on Taiko counter10Costume: Peacock (くじゃく)
83Get 90000 hits on Taiko counter10none
84Get 100000 hits on Taiko counter20New song: Kimi to Hibiku Harmony (Ura)
85Get 200000 hits on Taiko counter10none
86Get 300000 hits on Taiko counter10none
87Get 400000 hits on Taiko counter10none
88Get 500000 hits on Taiko counter10Taiko sound: Baseball (野球)
89Get 600000 hits on Taiko counter10none
90Get 765765 hits on Taiko counter5none
91Get 876876 hits on Taiko counter5none
92Get 999999 hits on Taiko counter10Taiko sound: Metal Taiko (メタル太鼓)
93Unlock 5 Taiko sounds10none
94Unlock 10 Taiko sounds10Costume: Big Ribbon (ビッグリボン)
95Unlock 15 Taiko sounds15none
96Unlock 5 costumes10none
97Unlock 10 costumes10Taiko sound: Quiz (クイズ)
98Unlock 15 costumes15none
99Obtain the first 98 stamps10none

10 points - Low Rank (初級)
20 points - 6th Rank (6級)
40 points - 5th Rank (5級)
60 points - 4th Rank (4級)
80 points - 3rd Rank (3級)
100 points - 2nd Rank (2級)
130 points - 1st Rank (1級)
160 points - Low Level (初段)
190 points - 2nd Level (二段)
220 points - 3rd Level (三段)
260 points - 4th Level (四段)
580 points - Initiation (皆伝)
640 points - Famous (名人)
700 points - Super (超人)
770 points - Master (達人)
840 points - Assistant Sensei (師範代)
900 points - Taiko King (太鼓王)
999 points - Taiko God (太鼓神)

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